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Fresh Echoes: five original compositions for solo piano

Centuries of classical styles revitalized in one jam-packed hour of piano music.

It's been compared to everything from J.S. Bach to Chick Corea, Debussy to Bill Evans.

A lot of music out there sells itself as mixing the old with the new, but Fresh Echoes takes it past the surface level. Intricate counterpoint backed by jazz-inspired chord progressions; Romantic-era thematic development sprinkled with exotic syncopation. A smorgasbord of memorable melodies, hypnotic harmonies, and riveting rhythms, all distilled in a digestible package that will intrigue and captivate audiences of all stripes.

Five full-length classical pieces, 54 minutes, solo piano. The perfect background music for a peaceful study session, but with enough depth and complexity to stay fresh no matter how many times you hear it.

It's unique, it's accessible, and there's nothing out there quite like it.