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Woodside Whimsy


Celebrating the start of a life-changing adventure.

Written in February 2017; dedicated to Kimberly Collins.

Traveling to new places often gives me new musical ideas, as is the case with this piece. While waiting with my then-girlfriend at the ferry terminal in Woodside, NS, which happened to have an upright piano for the public to play, I sat down on a whim and immediately came up with the first four bars of the piece.


  • I wrote this piece after a long break from classical music. I expand on this a bit on my blog here.
  • In terms of hidden melodies, patterns and structure, I consider this to be my most complex work to date. There's tons of stuff that you might only find after listening to the piece several times. I discuss the structure of the piece in detail on my blog here.
  • The sections of this piece were written in a sporadic order. In particular, the section at 7:23 was written before the earlier section at 1:40, which is the introduction of the theme. Likewise, the ending section at 9:54, the culmination of the theme introduced at 3:13, was written earlier.