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South Street Swing


On a cloudy Monday morning, an impromptu band of street musicians entertain the rush-hour commuters.

After moving into a new university residence, I was inspired by the view of South Street outside my window as I fiddled around on the piano and watched the morning traffic. A piano adaptation of this track can be found in my Soundbites (movement 4 - North Park Jazz).


  • I came up with a couple of these themes (specifically, the stuff from (timestamps)) while improvising on my electric piano on the morning of the first day of my first full-time job. Surprisingly, they stuck in my memory through what was a very eventful day.
  • There is a hidden morse code message in the percussion throughout the song.
  • The main melody, starting off in saxophone, is a swing version of one of my earliest recorded improvised themes, on my then-new electric piano, in September 2015.